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    bangup bullet offers you music promotion as part of new releases in the German speaking countries. Namely in the sectors Online, Print, Radio, and TV. Furthermore you have also the opportunity to take advantage of helpful Artist Coaching. So you get one-stop services!

    Rock Pop Jazz Alternative World Classical music
    Airplay Monitoring
    MPN Service
    PR Consulting
    DJ Promotion
    Podcast Push
    A&R Consulting
    Germany Austria Switzerland

    My name is Björn Köhler and I am the founder of the PR agency bangup bullet. I was born in the idyllic but unfortunately also very sleepy southern German village called Auenwald. After graduating from high school, I quickly moved to Berlin.

    I offer here now media work through my PR agency in the Online, Print, Radio, and TV sector and occasionally I give bands a bit of Artist Coaching on all issues that come with being an artist. Since June 2018 I have also been running courses and giving lectures (including e.g. Music Pool Berlin, PopKW, LAG Soziokultur Brandenburg, Musico Kiel) in the area of online marketing, campaign work, artist development, …

    Price range
    €100 - €2.550
    Artists reference

    Anna-Marlene, Antoine Villoutreix, audiolaw, Babylon ORCHESTRA, Chawa Lilith, Chenoa, Club des Belugas, Danny Dziuk, DIE KOMBINATEN, Elen, ER, Faded Paper Figures, HARDY und HEROES, Herr Rauch, Indra Bahía, INGVAY, JOHN GARNER, JOJO EFFECT, Laura Korinth, Max Paul Maria, Maya Fadeeva, Monoply, Nesta And The Blondes, One Earth Orchestra, Relate, Sandhy Sondoro, The Legendary Tigerman, TYLER LEADS, UNPLACES, ZOUZOULECTRIC

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