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In this section you will find information about how PROMOMAP works exactly and how you can become a member.

Who is PROMOMAP for?

PROMOMAP is a platform for searching artists as well as for agencies presenting their services.

PROMOMAP for artists

Looking for the right music PR agency to help you with your new song? Then you are exactly right here. Find the right agency for your music on PROMOMAP and contact them directly.

PROMOMAP for promoters

Looking for new talent and orders? Then register directly with PROMOMAP and let them find you.

How much will PROMOMAP cost me?

PromoMap is a free service from MPN. However, if a cooperation with an agency should arise, then costs will of course arise for the respective agency. The amount of the costs is individual and subject to negotiation. The prices we show in the PROMOMAP are only a rough guide.

How can I get listed on PROMOMAP?

Anyone can get listed on the PROMOMAP . The only requirement is a membership with the Music Promotion Network (MPN). Membership in the MPN is free of charge. You can also find more information about the MPN here: www.musik-promotion.net/en

Why do I have to be an MPN member?

PROMOMAP is an offer from MPN.

Our goal is to offer a network that on the one hand makes the promotion agencies in the MPN visible and on the other hand to give the artists a useful tool to find the right partners for exactly their needs.

Your question was not answered?

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. To do this, contact us by e-mail at hello@promomap.net.